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NONGLARE AR Anti Reflective: The Revolution in Glare Control on Your Display

Are you tired of the annoying reflections that form on the screen of your electronic device? Protective films are the common solution to this problem, but not all of them are the same. Today, we will present a revolution in the control of reflections on your display: NONGLARE AR Anti Reflective films. Find out why these advanced films are the best choice over traditional Anti-Glare films.

Standard Anti-Glare Films : An Inadequate Solution

Traditional Anti-Glare films seek to reduce the reflection on the screen by diffusing reflected light. However, this approach has its limits. Not only is the diffusion not perfect, but up to 8% of the reflected light can still escape, causing annoying reflections. In addition, many of these Anti-Glare films are known to be rough, which has a negative impact on the quality and resolution of the image displayed on the screen. It is an unacceptable compromise, especially when you want a flawless viewing experience having invested so much money to have real tech jewels in your hands.

NONGLARE AR Anti Reflective: The Revolutionary Solution

NONGLARE AR Anti Reflective films, on the other hand, take a revolutionary approach to solving the problem of reflections. These films not only diffuse the reflected light, but fold it, ensuring a surprising result. The result? Exceptional image quality and minimal reflections from the display. That’s why these films represent a superior choice over traditional Anti-Glare films.

Decisive Data Difference: NONGLARE AR vs. Anti-Glare Standard

One of the most significant differences lies in the objective data. While Anti-Glare films can only reduce reflection output to 8%, NONGLARE AR Film surface treatments lower reflection to less than 0.5%. This means that with NONGLARE films, less than 0.5% of the light hitting the surface is reflected, while more than 95% of the light from the display is transmitted through the cover glass. In comparison, common Anti-Glare films stop at about 92% transmission. The result is a brighter display and uncompromising image quality.

Maximum Brightness, Maximum Image Quality

Ultimately, if you want to enjoy a viewing experience without annoying reflections and with superior image quality, NONGLARE AR Film is your undisputed choice. Forget about standard Anti-Glare films that compromise your viewing experience with annoying reflections and quality loss. Choose wisely for a brighter display and flawless image quality. We pay tribute to the revolution in reflex control, making your screen the best it can be.

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