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iPhone, MacBook, and Tesla have new protection innovations

About US

I'm  Annalisa Romita founder of Batch International SRL, owner of the NONGLARE  brand, behind twentyfive years of experience in the Apple world and its accessories.
At Batch int. we are focused on finding and creating solutions and products for you, who, like us, are an Apple user...and now also TESLA.

We launched NONGLARE because now all devices are increasingly moving towards a definition at the highest levels, but obviously users want to protect their investment, protecting the display of devices. But what happens when they apply a glass film or a PET film on the device? That almost always due to the effect of the thickness, the material, the treatments and the glue, the films decrease the transparency losing therefore the maximum definition of their devices . And here comes NONGLARE, our goal is to protect by making available the best possible transparency with current technologies. With NONGLARE we have reached the maximum possible transparency, depending on the instrumentation used to measure transparency the data returns a value that fluctuates between 95 and 97 % (we are the only ones who declare these numbers, all the other brands are hiding behind a datum that declare as "maximum transparency", without indicating a real value).
We also introduced a revolution on iPhone privacy films, we managed to increase the front transparency > 70% , the maximum available before NONGLARE was <65% but most are actually at 60%.

As far as we are concerned:
I was responsible for production for a well-known 100% Apple Accessories Brand, managing a team between Italy China and Hong Kong that designed, designed and produced over 700 references.
In 2018, thanks to the experience gained, I founded the new company, with a single focus , to find and create solutions and products always aimed at the Apple world.
Shortly afterwards, in January 2019, Claudio Silvestri joined the Team.
Claudio took his first steps in the Apple world already in 1990 as an Apple reseller and specialized in accessories.
Over the years he has been commercial director of APstore, the first company in the world that affiliated the most important Italian Apple retailers, which over the years have become Apple Premium Reseller.
Until the last few years when he held the position of general manager for a pan-European company specializing in the production and distribution of accessories in major Apple Premium Reseller and international players (Apple , Amazon et...).
Claudio, is one of the few in the world to have five international patents related to the world of protection iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
We, the Batch and its invaluable staff, are among the few experts on the international market able to evaluate and analyze the peculiarities of an accessory for the Apple world.

In 2020 we created the best paper feel film for tablet, "doodroo". Within a few months doodroo has been re-identified by professionals as the film with the best friction that most approached the combination pencil paper. In just a few months, doodroo has gathered satisfied customers in over 49 countries around the world.

Before leaving us, and if you still have time, we will bring you the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

WHY  the name NONGLARE? The name comes from the union of the words  No and Glare .

Why should the user buy a NONGLARE product?

1) Because if you want to protect your device without losing the original definition of the display/monitor, NONGLARE is the only one that guarantees you the best transparency reachable with current technologies and with the lowest coefficient of reflection (over 90% less than the products currently on the market);

2) Because we use only the highest quality material;

3) Because we only use plants conforming to the World standard BSCI which has between various purposes:

  • Employee involvement and protection;
  • No discrimination at all;
  • Fair remuneration;
  • Reasonable working hours;
  • Health and safety at work;
  • Prohibition of child labour;
  • Special protection for young workers;
  • Prohibition of forced labour;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Ethical trade;

4) Because with NONGLARE you have 100% satisfaction guarantee;

5) Because with NONGLARE you can be sure that you can enjoy free support for any doubt, using all common communication channels (mail, phone, social, whatsapp, messenger, etc... );

6) Because  NONGLARE is created by people who put their own faces in it and with over 25 years of specialized experience;

7) Because "NONGLARE: Revolutionize your vision. Protect your devices with Transparency and Innovation."



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